Professional screen and theatre actor.


In 2019, became a finalist of the acting competition announced by the Russian Film Week festival in London and represented actors delegation at the Casting Bridge forum.


In 2018, completed a Program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood,

Los Angeles.


Took part in screen productions: feature film Tenet (2020), directed by C. Nolan, short film Ticket (2020), directed by S. Tsapenkov, music video Emerald (2017) of Russian singer Manizha, directed by Manizha and S. Shubin, TV-Series Zaytcev+1 (2011), directed by M. Pezhemskiy, docuseries GRU: Mysteries of Intelligence Service (2011), directed by S. Ivanov, and other projects in Russia and Europe.

In 2016, alongside the graduate course of the Moscow Art Theatre School and main teacher Viktor Ryzhakov (a reputable theatre stage director, who has earned The Golden Mask Award, New Drama Award, and other awards in Russia, and also staged internationally and received recognition) have founded a new theatre company – The 9th Studio of Moscow Art Theatre.


For three years performed in Moscow at the Meyerhold Theatre Centre, Theatre Praktika, Vakhtangov Theatre, Moscow Art Theatre and toured with the performances of the company across Russia and internationally: France (Paris), Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Estonia (Tallinn), Armenia (Yerevan).


Performed in the most distinguished performances of the company: By-Chekhov. Three Sisters (2017), directed by V. Ryzhakov, Several Conversations About (2018), directed by T. Montrimas,

A Modern Concert (2016), directed by V. Ryzhakov, 12 Labours of Gagarin (2015), directed by

O. Glushkov, Five Tales About Love (2015), directed by A. Sigalova.


In 2012, passed a highly selective audition to the Moscow Art Theatre School and did a four-year Bachelor Of Arts in Acting program. Graduated with honours and was the only graduate of the year 2016 to receive an Annual Prize of Ivan M. Moskvin-Tarkhanov.


Moved to Moscow, Russia from Tallinn, Estonia to attend a professional Drama School.


In 2008, was accepted to the drama classes at the Vene Teater in Tallinn.


At the age of 15, got the first role in the film Friendship (2006), directed by A. Pennanen.


Before starting an acting career, studied visual arts at the Tallinn Art School and played basketball in Estonian youth league Kalev and dreamed of getting to the NBA.


Born on February 5th, 1990 in Tallinn, Estonia.